Why Artworks?

Manage your artworks inteligently in connection to other systemS. You will never miss a critical date again.


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What is Artworks

Artwork lifecycle management system. It allows you to track the status of all artworks – active, obsolete and those in the pipeline. Artworks can be logically linked by defining predecessors and successors to track the entire development for a given product.

Any number of detailed workflows can be defined in the system. Any number of steps and transitions between them can be defined for each workflow. Each step can then define the data or files that must be included, who is authorized and obliged to perform the step, and who is authorized to make the transition to the next step(s), including the possibility of involving external partners such as graphic design studios.

Each artwork is then managed according to these predefined workflows. This makes it easy to see what artworks are in what state, what their expected development and timing is, and so on.

The system is built on nData DMS and is integrated with nData gRIS. Thus, directly in the RA module, it is easy to see the status of artworks relevant for registration, and on the other hand, in the Artworks system, it is easy to see important data from the registration process and adjust the approval of a given artwork accordingly.

Artwork list – list of active artworks with a status and many other data in the customizable table
Artwork edit – Detail & edit of selected artwork – you van see complete history on the left site and possible next steps on the right site
Workflow definition – Definition of all steps and possible shifts between them