Remote monitoring

Why remote monitoring?

We all know that good clinical trial monitoring is both very important and challenging. Remote monitoring can make it much more efficient (by monitoring literally every event in the study) and easier because it is done automatically.

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What is Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is a product from the product group enabling electronic administration and execution of clinical trials. These products also include eTMF, Clinis, ISKO and qRIS.

Remote monitoring is a tool for the study sponsor to monitor the progress of the study in real time. In addition, it ensures that the key study data is authentic and has not been tampered with by anyone. This is thanks to the online export of the data at the time of its creation. Thus, a copy of the data is stored off the CRO’s servers as soon as it is acquired.

The system includes an environment for the study sponsor to define what data is crucial and what data should be displayed. The data is then displayed in the form of a clear dashboard that allows any anomalies or problems to be easily detected.

A typical example is a dashboard of sampling points where it is easy to see if all times have been met and if there are any deviations, the reasoning and impact, etc. Data for the sponsor is always anonymous and aggregated.

Using the remote monitoring module can thus replace or significantly streamline on-site monitoring of clinical trials.