Why HSE?

Because Health, Safety and Enviroment matters. And nData HSE can be central point providing crucial information to other system so you can be sure you employees always know the risks. And not only your employees but also some of your system so they can react automatically.

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What is HSE

HSE stands for Helath, Safety and Environment. It is a system in which all data relating to the safety of individual substances and any risks associated with those substances are stored using standard classifications.

The main advantage of the system, however, is its integration with the company’s other systems. Typically these include:

  • SAP: the data from the HSE is then used to print stock labels and the risk information is directly on the label.
  • nonGMP Warehouse: the user is warned by the system if he/she is about to work with a risky substance
  • gRIS: warning when planning new batches
  • COE & sprints: the system uses substance safety data to automatically plan the use of laboratories and machines.
HSE dashboard