nonGMP Warehouse

Why nonGMP Warehouse?

Because having right amout of substances on stoct at the right time can be key factor of on-time development. Be productive and let our AI algorithm order your substances according to your upcoming developments

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What is nonGMP Warehouse

nonGMP Warehouse is a system for nonGMP warehouse management. These warehouses are usually used for the needs of development and development projects. The system allows the tracking of all substances, their expiration dates and their location in the warehouse.

But the main advantage of the system is the flexibility and simplicity of working with this data, which is especially needed on development projects. The system is integrated with a barcode scanner and Toledo weighers.

So typically the user authenticates with their RFID card to the warehouse, selects the substance they need – either in the system or directly in the warehouse using the barcode. If there is an identical substance with an earlier expiration date the system alerts the user to use that one.

When returning the substance, the user weighs the remaining quantity and this is automatically transferred from the scale to the system and the use of the correct quantity is assigned to the user and the project

For warehouse management, the system allows, in addition to basic functions such as the display of stock levels and ordering of substances, advanced functions such as the AI prediction of the stock levels of individual substances with regard to their usual use over time but also with regard to planned future formulations – in integration with gRIS. Based on these predictions, the system can automatically generate orders and essentially autonomously refill individual substances so that they are always available at the time they are needed.