Why Whitebook?

Because a typical project is more than just project management. Especially in development, data management is also a key part of any project. Whitebook adds this layer to our product portfolio by allowing you to create logical structures in the form of mind maps for each project.

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What is Whitebook

Whitebook is a graphical extension of gRIS system allowing to display the logical structure of the project in the form of mind maps. The maps can be created either manually or using pre-made building blocks (templates).

These building blocks can contain additional functionality and integration to other systems in addition to the logical structure itself. For example, an analytical test branch can be created that automatically creates a request list for the LIMS or directly creates the necessary analyses in the Samples Diary system. And when the tests are completed the Whitebook automatically displays the test results.

This way you can define a background process that users don’t have to worry about and offer them the data they need directly in the project logic.

 Because all maps are generated dynamically based on actual data, they are always up-to-date and reflect the latest project developments. This also makes it possible to generate maps for all or a group of projects – for example, a map that includes all API vendors and so on.

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