Why gRIS?

Increase your team’s efficiency by getting rid of all excel and share-drive documents and replace them with one integrated online system storing data relevant for all common processes throughout product’s life cycle.




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What is gRIS

A tailor-made system for pharmaceutical companies that guarantees:

  • for everyone to see current data at any time
  • to manage budget and timelines of entire portfolio
  • to control all your registration activities
  • to launch on time
  • to generate reports within few seconds
  • to see how your forecasts evolved over time
  • to record all your decision justifications in one place
  • to manage patents, trademarks, QA audits and all other related acitivities

Entire product’s life-cycle covered by various gRIS modules

Highlighted features

Portfolio Timeline

gRIS can show you easily the “group timeline” of your entire portfolio or of a defined group of projects using a sophisticated filtering tool. Timelines are split in color-coded phases and milestones, making it easy to see what activities and events are happening in any time period. 

Development bottlenecks

Identify labor capacity issues much ahead of time utilizing our comprehensive capacity planning tool.  Labor utilization linked to specific activities in development can be planned by using pre-defined templates, referring to other projects, selecting one of the methods for time distribution or by complete manual settings.


Using Power BI for designing unique reporting requirements for each client.  Ability to generate standardized reports within seconds reflecting the most recent changes in any status or value tracked in gRIS.

Integration of gRIS with SAP

Instant comparison of budgeted, planned and actual cost directly in gRIS is possible in the Budget module integrated with SAP.  Ability to view cost according to project phases or selected time periods, either for a single project or filtered group of projects. 

Sales forecast versioning

Versioning is a standard function in gRIS utilized in a number of modules, most commonly used for project timelines or forecasted sales.  View sales forecast changes throughout project’s life cycle, starting with project evaluation to actual launch.

Registration activities in line with development and launch

Ensure alignment of all your registration activities with most recent development status and launch plan.  The system uses various alert functions for notifying users of mismatch between planned development, registration and launch activities, with a possible impact on forecasted launch sales.

What users say

New features

Improved matrix

Upgraded product matrix does not only define product characteristics such as pack size, countries or packaging type but also ensures integration with registration and launch modules with a possibility to differentiate, which SKU’s are to be registered and launched in first wave or which ones are to be registered only.  Further details can be added regarding the products to be registered on behalf of license partners.


Enhanced RA module

RA module is now capable of planning, executing, and maintaining all possible types of registration activities.  Pipeline products are added automatically onto the registration plan.  Simpler planning can be executed using alerts and notifications, more complex registration activities can utilize project timelines with milestones and reminders.  An effective tool for communication between HQ and affiliates utilizing all available data in gRIS empowers the teams to efficiently exchange information about activities planned by HQ functions but executed locally by the affiliates.

CT module

Summary of all key parameters of any clinical trial linked to an appropriate project .  A possibility to manage each CT with standard project management tools such as project team, timeline, budget, risk analysis, etc.


We are constantly working on making gRIS better and safer place for our clients’ data. What are we working on right now? Here are some examples of upcoming new features. All of our clients can recieve these updates as part of software assurance for free.

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EMA eCTD Integration

We are preparing an update of our RA module in line with EMA’s roadmap for eCTC v4.0 implementation in the EU. We are going to utilize all data available in gRIS to create an algorithm for an automatic generation of data package available in a format required by EMA. gRIS is going to have a communication link directly with EMA so a submission according to new requirements can be performed in secured and precise fashion.
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API Sourcing management

Extension of the project management module enabling procurement dep. to gather structured information about different API sources, comparing various qualitative parameters, capturing decision making and negotiation process, including contract management.
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We are planning further improvements of project’s NPV calculation. Based on the feedback from our clients, we plan to establish a roadmap of milestones at which an updated NPV calculation should be performed, saved and compared with privious calculations. Timepoints of such milestones would be defined by each client and the input data would be harmonized with regular Long Range Plan (LRP) updates.