Initial analysis

nData team starts with analyzing client’s internal processes, existing IT tools and the deliverables targeted by enhancing existing digital culture in the company. We work with our clients to determine which processes need to be modified and improved and which ones are merely to be automatized using one of nData’s products. We create a roadmap showing integration of nData systems with client’s existing tools, propose the scope of customization of our software and determine a timeline for implementation and going-live date. If a tailor-made solution is necessary, we agree together with a customer on its key features and capabilities and provide an estimate of cost and time.


One of nData’s competitive advantages is an ability to customize its systems to fit with client’s current or new processes, analysis, and terminology. Even though general processes may appear very similar across the industry, we are aware that each client may approach many details differently or put emphasis on different tasks in different stages of product’s life-cycle. Our open-design system enables high variability when it comes to addressing special requests of our clients. Each our customer has its own version of our system, which can grow and evolve in different directions. Our team of experienced programmers and project managers work with our customers on daily business to continuously expand the system by developing new features.

Tailor-made solution

If a client intents to use a digital solution which has not been yet developed by nData, we work with our client to understand the need and expected deliverables so we can propose a design and functionalities of a new system. Our excellent knowledge of all pharma processes and activities enable us to propose a digital solution simply by understanding the goals our client is aiming to achieve with a new system. We define all critical capabilities, interconnections with client’s existing systems, the sources of existing data and necessary structures. A client can decide whether to go ahead with such new development based on our price quotation and timing expectations.


nData offers a standardized service agreement guaranteeing the best possible performance of our applications, customer support 24/7, quick resolution of any incidents or daily assistance to the users for a monthly service fee.  It’s up to our clients to decide whether our standardized service agreement covers sufficiently their needs or whether they want to customize the level of service depending on their internal capacities in IT or other relevant functions.


nData is continuously refining the features of our products, adding new functionalities and improving existing tools.  Even though all our customers have their own customized version of our product, we offer general upgrades, which could add additional value to the users.  Nevertheless, such upgrades are not mandatory and the decision about a deployment of any upgrade is done by our customers.


We acknowledge the importance of all client’s existing and historical data, which is being stored in many different applications and the need of a transfer all such data to new system prior the deployment.  We analyze and track existing data flow and storage tools, advise our client on appropriate formats to be used for accurate transfer and ensure that all data is flawlessly transferred to client’s new system.


Even though nData systems are covering most of commonly used processes relevant throughout product’s life-cycle, we recognize that our clients also have a need for additional systems, e.g. SAP or other very specialized tools and therefore we take great care of designing a methodology for integration of nData systems with other IT infrastructure.  In addition, our modules have been developed to download data from commonly used data providers such IMS or Evaluate Pharma and to integrate them with the workflow in our product management systems.


We are committed to provide extensive training and mentoring to all our new and existing customers to ensure that all nData products deployed in their organizations are used to its full benefit and provide highest possible value when it comes to achieving company’s objectives.  Online or in-person sessions intended for different types of user-groups are always planned prior deployment.  Available user manual and customer service staff are helpful in continuous education of all users.